"At the Same Time" International Music Video & Photo Contest

This contest is based around Ann Hampton Callaway's song "At The Same Time".  

Before you head out to film your submission take a listen, read the lyrics and get inspired! For those of you creating a full length (5 minute) video remember this contest is to create a music video for the worldwide release of this song that illustrates Ann's lyrics. These submissions need to be based on the lyrics as they will be used for the official music video.

Contest Guide

 Concept:  Ann Hampton Callaway wrote the peace anthem “ At the Same Time” which became a Platinum hit for Barbra Streisand.  Ann has recorded her own version now and wants to create a healing, inspiring music video that celebrates both the uniqueness and oneness of the human experience. It’s going to be a global happening!

You are invited to shoot video segments or photographs to create images that speak to Ann’s inspiring song about peace and unity. As Ann’s lyric addresses images like faces, eyes, hands, children, love - let those images inspire your subject matter.

 Reveal the many facets of the human heart: joy, pain, new life, loss, family, love, wonder, peace. 

Show the synchronicity of people experiencing their lives at the same time everyone is- while we’re welcoming new life, someone’s suffering loss : while we share a meal, someone else is sharing theirs, too. 

Use the lyrics to guide you


3  Contest Options:     

o   Record a 30 Second Video on June 24th at 1 PM GMT (Convert your local time to GMT here)

o   Snap a still photo either on June 24th at 1 PM GMT or submit most moving shots from travels and life pertinent to the song.  

o  Record a Full Length 5 Minute Video - Either a fully developed music video or a montage of images/video from travels.

Up your chances of winning by submitting all three!

Video Formats


o Size: at least 2000 pixels wide and 150 dpi


o Text: No text on image or video - unless on bottom where it may need to be edited out and integrated in another way.

o Quality: HD is preferred

Format: Video: .mov, .mp4, Photos: .jpeg


- Prizes -

Free digital download of Ann Hampton Callaway's "At Last" album - just for registering!

$250 prize - 3 random entries of 30 second clips/ still photos

$1,000 grand prize - most moving 30-second clip

$2,000 grand prize - 5-minute full length video concept

Registration Deadline: Wednesday, June 21, 2017 

At the Same Time 30 Second Shoot: Saturday, June 24, 2017 1:00pm GMT

Submissions Deadline: Monday, June 26, 2017

Winners will be announced the first  week of  July

Thank you for participating and tell all your friends near and far about the contest.  The more global the images, the more powerful the video!